I engaged/ currently engaging in the follwoing funded research projects:

1. Model-based Web Service Understandability

This research project was funded with 2,000 JD from Philadelphia University.

The project started on March 2012 and finished successfully on March 2014.

The main objectives of this project were:

  • Using software engineering area to enhance Web services quality, especially readability, understandability, testability and reusability.
  • Investigating the effect of the programming language used to build a Web service on the specifications of the input and output messages operations parameters data types inside Web Service Definition Language (WSDL).

2. Enhanced User-Input-Validation Testing for Web Applications

This research project is also funded with 1,200 JD from Philadelphia University.

The project started on May 2014 and finished on May 2016.

The main objectives of this project were:

  • Enhancing web applications dependability and security assessment using the software testing field.
  • Modifying the traditional software testing techniques in order to be able to use these techniques to assess the dependability and security of a web application.
  • Enhancing the current Web applications security assessment approaches by basing the assessment on applying different testing techniques based on different specifications of a Web application (such as the different attributes related to the HTML input fields of a Web application).
  • Enhancing the current Web applications’ security assessment approaches by considering Web application with an Arabic user interface.

3. Software Requirements Engineering, Modeling, Verification, Validation, and Evolution

This Research project got a grant of 4000 JD from the Research Deanship at Philadelphia University for a project. The project started on January 2020 and expected to be finished on December 2023.