Samer had managed to develop the following major software applications (tools):

1. Courses Equivalences Application(CEA)

This application is used to find the equivalent courses for the students who transfer to Philadelphia University from another local or global university worldwide, it also finds the equivalent courses for students who transfer among the different departments in Philadelphia.

This application can find the similarity between a course taken at another university and a course given by Philadelphia in order to help academic staff to decide whether to accept a course as an equivalent to a Philadelphia course or not.

The application can also generate a pdf document that contains a list of the courses that have a counterpart at Philadelphia based on the similarity analysis.

Technology: ASP.NET and C#

Note. This application can be adapted to be used to find the equivalent courses for any other University in Jordan or worldwide so please email me in case of interest in this application.

2. Web Services Datatype Modeler (WSDM)

This tool can help Web services providers and requesters to model a Web service datatype in a way that can distinguishe the vague XSD-based datatype specifications in order to help service providers to annotate these vague specifications that are difficult to be understood by service requesters.

Technology: ASP.NET and C#

Note. This tool can also been shared with any interested researcher or practitioner.