نتاجات التعلم

نتاجات التعلم - قسم العلوم الأساسية والرياضيات

Program Goals

G1       Learning to calculate, manipulate and solve problems

G2       Learning to read with critical thinking

G3       Learning to write with clear logic and to prove, defend, and explain what they write

G4      Learning to think abstractly and creatively

G5       Learning to formulate and test hypotheses

G6       Learning to construct mathematical proofs and arguments

G7       Learning to appreciate the beauty, power, and preciseness of mathematics 


Program SLO

Knowledge and Understanding Skills

K1.      Students develop flexibility, perseverance, and strategies in attacking problems.

K2.     Students are able to organize and interpret information forms abstractions and generalizations

K3.      Students have positive attitude toward mathematics.

K4.     Students recognize the connections of mathematics in real life situations.

K5.      Students gain confidence in mathematical thinking.

K6.     Students are prepared to allow progress to higher levels of mathematics.


Thinking skills (Intellectual Skills)

I1.       The ability to find ways to solve problems when no routine path is apparent .

I2.       The ability to gather data, make conjectures, assemble evidence, and build arguments to support or refute conjectures.


Subject-Based Practical skills (Professional and Practical Skills)

P1.       The ability to translate information from real world into mathematical language

P2.      Using signs, symbols, and graphs.

P3.      The ability to present mathematical ideas in written, visual, and oral formats.

P4.      The ability to make links among mathematical ideas and to other disciplines.

P5.      The ability to use appropriate technology to solve meaningful mathematical problems.

P6.      To understand and appreciate the power and limitations of technology.


Skills for life and work (General and Transferable Skills)

T1.      The ability to use mathematics writing software to write mathematical text.

T2.      The ability to write a computer program.

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