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The Department of Development Studies was established in 2009. The staff members of the department are distinguished academics, whose presence is noticed in the cultural and scientific circles locally, regionally and internationally, through their active participation in scientific conferences, cultural seminars, and activities with local communities

The Human Development Reports published by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) indicate that development projects and programmes in Arab societies have failed over the last few decades. The prevailing international opinion in development-related studies asserts, through theories, methods and practical applications, that it is impossible for development to succeed unless it is taught, researched and applied as one area of specialty.

To this end, it was proposed that our university should offer a new, four-year (132 credit hours) academic program, leading to a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Development Studies. 

Development studies, as a specialization, is unique in its utilization of naturally interrelated fields in the humanities and sociology, and it studies contemporary development through its three complementary fields: 

  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Politics 

Development studies also ties in these complementary fields with three supporting ones: 

  • Culture
  • Communications
  • The Environment 

Development Studies is considered as a separate academic specialty offered by Faculty of Arts since the founding of Philadelphia University.

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