Objectives of Department of Web Engineering


The Web Engineering program at Philadelphia University aims to:

  1. prepare students for careers in modern enterprise computing by equipping them with knowledge and skills in web application programming
  2. enable students to design and implement solutions by providing them with practical experience of a wide range of industry standard, leading-edge web development tools
  3. enable students to adapt future developments in web-based computing by providing them with a solid grounding in its underlying concepts and principles
  4. enable students to develop particular expertise in a chosen related area of computing
  5. develop the students' ability to undertake research by providing appropriate resources and guidance in their use
  6. develop the students' ability to make an effective contribution to team-based activity
  7. encourage students to adopt an investigative approach and develop autonomous study skills in order to assist their continuing professional development.


Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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