Program Benchmarks

Program Benchmarks for Department of Management Information System



  1. Knowledge and Understanding

A1. The essential mathematics and statistics relevant to Management Information Systems;

A2. A wide range of principles and tools available to MIS Professionals including programming languages, case studies, software packages, etc;

A3. The principles of computer systems, including operating systems and networks communication;

A4. The professional and ethical responsibilities and understanding of quality;

A5. The principles and techniques of a number of research areas such as databases, decision support

systems, information management, projects management, Data Mining, etc;

A6. The application of computing in management and business context.

  1. Intellectual Skills

B1. Solve a wide range of problems related to the analysis, design and implementation of Management Information Systems;

B2. Contribute in design and implement software systems in the field of decision making and

Strategic planning

B3. Identify a range of solutions and critically evaluate and justify proposed design solutions in different MIS fields including decision making, business systems, planning, project management, etc.

  1. Practical Skills

C1. Plan and undertake a major individual project.

C2. Prepare and deliver coherent and structured verbal and written technical reports.

C3. Give technical presentations suitable for the time, place, and audience.

C4. Use the scientific literature effectively and make discriminating use of Web resources.

C5. Design, write, and debug computer programs in appropriate languages.

C6. Use appropriate computer-based design support tools.

  1. Transferable Skills and Personal Qualities

D1. Display an integrated approach to the deployment of communication skills.

D2. Use IT skills and display mature computer literacy.

D3. Work effectively with and for others.

D4. Strike the balance between self-reliance and seeking help when necessary in new situations.

D5. Display personal responsibility by working to multiple deadlines in complex activities.

D6. Employ discrete and continuous mathematical skills as appropriate.


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