Esraa Omar Al-Haj Ali


Dept of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Faculty of Science , Philadelphia University


Educational Background:

Biological Science Master Degree (Excellent 3.52)

Hashemite UNIVERSITY Jordan (2006-2010)

Thesis entitled: Molecular markers of intrinsic asthma in humans (Immunology)

Biological Science Bachelors Degree (Very good 3.23)

Hashemite UNIVERSITY Jordan (2002-2006)

Tawjihi (Scientific stream)

Zarqa Secondary School Jordan (2002)
with an average of 85%
Philadelphia University October. 2011- present


Courses taught

General Biology (1)

Practical General Biology (1)

Microbiology Lab

Immunology Lab

Genetic lab

Molecular Biology Lab

Applied Molecular Biology Lab

Human and environment

Princess Nora Bint Abdul RhmanUniversity one semester.2011


Courses taught

General Biology (1)

Hashemite University September.2006 May.2008

Teaching Assistant

Courses taught

Practical General Biology (1)

Practical General Biology (2)

Microbiology lab

Hashemite University June.2008 October.2009

Research Assistant

Research in the following fields:

Molecular markers of intrinsic asthma in humans.

The incidence of complex diseases in genetically isolated populations in



Rana Dajani , Esraa Al-Haj Ali and Basem Dajani. Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor and Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 2 are elevated in intrinsic asthmatics. Cytokine. 2011: 08.040.


Certificate to work as medical laboratory technician from the Ministry of Health

Undergraduate Proficiency Examination in the Biological sciences from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research( Ranked fourth among the peers in this specialty of graduates of all universities in Jordan).


An American Association for Cancer ResearchInternational Conferenc Advances in Cancer Research: From the Laboratory to the Clinic16 19 March 2008. Dead Sea, Jordan.

Future Research Trends, Workshop (TEMPUS—BIO TOUCH)16 July 2007. Yarmouk University, Jordan.