Note. My regularly taught courses, since 2008, are those of CS MSc Programme. These courses are fully supported by my e-courses web pages through Moodle platform. They may be accessed by my students, or any authorized person via the URL: Each taught course has (uploaded): its syllabus, Slides, Exam Sheets archive (Mid term, Quizzes, Final), marking schemes archive (for Mid Term, Quizzes, and Final), and its Homework archive (Practical work and Research works). These courses are partially listed below (see Postgraduate courses). The graduate courses (listed below) are taught in the far past and are just provided for possible help.

Graduate Courses

Philadelphia university, Jordan

Recent courses

0750144 - CS BSc Programming Fundamentals 2

2015-2016.1 Syllabus -- 1st Exam Marks -- 2nd Exam Marks -- HW Sum/60 Marks -- Practical work -- Research work

This course has several sections. Its shared Lectures Notes, Lab material, Exam with solutions are in URL:

Old Courses

Programming Fundamentals,
Data structures (object-oriented with C++),
Algorithms analysis Design,

Postgraduate Courses

Philadelphia Univeristy (since 2005, fully spported by e-course through Moodle platform: ecourse.philadelphia,edu. jo/login/index.php)

0750761 - Advanced Batabase Concepts: Sylabus, Lecture Notes 2018-2017.1
0750721 - Algorithm Design and Analysis: Sylabus, Lecture Notes
0750791 - Scientific recherche methodologies: e-courses
0750783 - Software maintenance: Syllabus, lecture Notes 2016-2017.1
0750742 - Theory of Concurrency: e-courses