First Semester , 2020-2021

This module aims to give the students the main concepts of databases, database models, database design, relational algebra, query languages, object oriented database, normalization techniques, query optimization and database on the web.

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Title: Fundamentals of Database Systems

Author(s): El Masri Navathe

Publisher: Addison-Wesley, 6th edition, 2014.


In addition to the above, the students will be provided with handouts by the lecturer.


Topic #1: Part 1: Databases and Database Users Part 2: DB, DBMS and Actors

Topic #2: Part 1: Data Models Part 2: Basic Definitions

Topic #3: ER Diagrams ......... ER Examples

Topic #4: ER Tables

Topic #5: Relational Model - Formal Definition

Topic #6: Relational Model Algebra - Basic operators

Topic #7: Normalization