First Semester (2020/2021)

Connectivity and Communication Skills

This course covers information technology skills that benefit the student during his / her study and after the correct use of computer , web applications and websites. The course covers topics related to the preparation of curricula vitae (CV), presentations and the use of e-mail in professional ways. It also includes image processing software, time management, flowchart methods, writing Wikipedia articles, and faster ways to find information on the web. The course presents some ways to extract important information from the data and summarizes the most important provision of cloud computing to the user in an easy way, In addition to displaying the risks that a user may experience when connected to the Internet.

** Connectivity and Communication Skills Syllabus 2020/2021 First Semester

** Chapter One: ** Introduction To Internet

** Chapter Two: **Writing Professional CVs

** Using Word template to write CV

** Chapter Three: Writing Professional E_mail

** Chapter Four: ** Presentation Skills

** Power Point Presentation Guidelines.

** Chapter Five: ** Information Retrieval Using MS Excel 2010

** Chapter Six: ** Visio

** Chapter Seven: ** Wikies

** Chapter Eight: Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Skills

** Chapter Nine: E-commerce