International Relations Department is in charge of organizing and carrying out all necessary arrangements and preparations of cultural activities and scientific conferences which are held at the University. It also offers general services for official and academic missions including the reception of the University guests and organizing their visit programs. The Department is also responsible for publicizing the University news, activities and programs through newspapers and media channels.

The Department is also in charge of updating all University brochures and calendars. In addition, it represents the University in academic exhibitions and conferences in various countries such as Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, France, Spain ….etc.

Furthermore, the Department is responsible for all issues relevant to Philadelphia University Awards, and it prepares all agreements and MoUs concluded between the University and other local, regional and international academic institutions.

The Philadelphia University (PU) – Consortium of Global Education (CGE) Arabic Summer Program

Philadelphia University (Jordan) and the Consortium of Global Education have signed a memo of understanding whereby PU will provide intensive training in Arabic for CGE'S students for a period of eight weeks each summer. 

The program aims in the first place to enhance the students' proficiency in Arabic, to develop their critical thinking, and to prepare them for leadership roles in a world in which foreign language proficiency is a decided asset. 

The program comprises on-campus courses and off-campus activities. In the on-campus courses, the students receive daily instruction and training in Arabic language skills as per curricula that emphasize using Arabic in classroom and off-classroom situations. On campus, too, the students will have all possible opportunities to mix with PU students and practice their Arabic in daily – life contexts. 

In off-campus activities, PU and CGE are keen on providing opportunities for the students to visit tourist-attraction sites – historical and religious – and to have an idea about some cultural aspects of life in Jordan. 

The program comprises 110 hours of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), in addition to 72 hours of training in Spoken Arabic (SA). Classes of MSA are given at the Language Centre, whereas the SA classes are given at CGE's Institute in Amman in consultation with PU and under its supervision. CGE students will get PU identification cards so that they can have access to the University's facilities and can enter tourist sites at a reduced student rate. 

The academic and the administrative part of the course is coordinated and implemented by PU. Highly experienced instructors are in charge of teaching. Towards the end of the course the students and the instructors will evaluate the program with regard to its academic and administrative levels.

The feedback will be carefully considered for future courses.

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