Deanship of Student Affairs

Deanship of Student Affairs


Dr. Omar Al-Kafaween, Dean

Student Affairs Deanship is one of the important units of Philadelphia University's administration and the closest to its students. It is responsible for preparing and implementing plans related to the development of the University students intellectually, psychologically, and physically, in addition to developing their skills and abilities so as to enrich their university experience. The main objectives of the Student Affairs Deanship's programs are:

1-Preparing cultural, sporting, artistic, and social programs that can fulfill the University students’ needs.
2-Providing physical and psychological health support and helping students who may face difficulties adapting to the requirements of university life.
3-Providing opportunities for students to cultivate their intellectual, civic, and democratic awareness via a variety of committees, clubs, and organizations.
4-Keeping in touch with the University’s graduates to give them the necessary assistance and guidance in finding suitable work opportunities.
5-Helping to integrate them in the local community and to acquaint them with the national agencies and businesses both in the public and private sectors.
6-Monitoring and supporting students who show excellence in the academic, cultural, artistic, and sporting fields during their course of study and after graduation.

These objectives are accomplished through the following units of the Deanship, in addition to King Abdulla II’s Development Fund for Vocational Guidance.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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