Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean: Dr. Yazan Al-Bataineh
Tel: +96264799000 Ext. 2281
Fax: +96264799040
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Welcome to the faculty of Pharmacy at Philadelphia University, which is one of the major academic units in the University, both in terms of number of students and faculty. Faculty of Pharmacy looks forward to excellence in education and pharmaceutical research, as well as to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical and therapeutic services locally, regionally and even globally. The faculty is seeking to achieve their aspirations through distinguished graduate pharmacists in the pharmaceutical practice and health care and quality control, and remain committed to the ethics of the profession. It also strives for providing a suitable research environment for various pharmaceutical research fields and make room for graduate studies in pharmaceutical sciences.

In response to the above vision and mission, The faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Philadelphia continued to develop its program, curricula and study plans that offer a wide range of fields of knowledge professional and personal skills, as well as provide training opportunities for students through practical courses or training in community pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical plants and others. Although the    program and its curricula offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy at PU are accredited by the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission, the college is looking to achieve a higher degree of quality in its program and the pertinent curricula according to international standards and to be accredited by external accreditation commissions.

The Faculty of Pharmacy since its inception in 1991 has had graduated many pharmacists qualified for professional practice in various fields of pharmaceutical industry that  include, quality assurance and  R & D laboratories, pharmaceutical formulations and regulatory affairs as well as working in hospitals and community pharmacies and in the area of ​​sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The Faculty of Pharmacy at PU, currently offers an academic program that requires completion of (160) credit hours to obtain a bachelor's degree in pharmacy. The Faculty comprises educational laboratories equipped with all facilities required to train students in various fields of pharmaceutical disciplines including training through a virtual pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy looks forward to the advancement of teaching and learning by hiring qualified faculty members covering all relevant disciplines and providing laboratories equipped with facilities needed for teaching and research purposes. The Faculty is looking forward to providing a program for graduate studies in order to fulfill the community needs for professionally specialized graduates and to raise the pace of scientific research at the University of Philadelphia.

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Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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