Department of Supplies

Department of Supplies

Department of Supplies


Nidhal Al-Juwhari, Director

Supplies Department follows the best computerized programs and methods in the processes of supplies purchase and reception.

Supplies are stored in accordance with modern storing and coding ways to facilitate their delivery to applicants.


To ensure that Department is distinguished for meeting the needs of different departments and faculties through following modern methods and rendering top class services and performance.


Providing various supplies to meet university faculties and departments' needs at time and ensuring the best quality and price .The Department cares about providing top service to all academic faculties and administrative departments and  playing a major role in achieving the University's mission and objectives.


- Keeping abreast of modern performance systems, storing   and purchasing methods.

- Ensuring top quality and best prices at the time of purchasing various supplies.

-Ensuring the availability of supplies and teaching aids in suitable and sufficient quantities to enhance the teaching learning process.

-Controlling the processes of purchase and storing to avoid wastefulness and supplies accumulation or becoming timeworn.

Purchase Process:

- Central tenders.

-Soliciting local bids.

-Direct purchase from the local market.

In all case, the Department complies with all regulations to ensure best quality and price.

Future Plan:

-On going updating of the programs used by the Department.

- Activating the reorder system.

- Activating the barcode system.

- Staff professional development through training sessions.

- Developing personal supplies custody system through adopting a computerized system.

Staff Member
Employee Name  Position
Nedal s.al-Jawhari Director
Abed El-Haleem Al-Whidi     Assistant director
Salim Al-Hakim Store keeper 
Mahmmoud Al-Akrass Chemicals store keeper
Mohammad Al-Maslamani Assistant Store keeper
Ahmad Abu Sbaitan Delegate Purchase
Omar Al-Degis  Delegate Purchases
Qasem Naffa Custody employee
Malak Al-Khawaldeh Data entry clerk 
Mohammed Al-Mohr Employee
Mohammad Al-Ajhar Employee

List of Tenders

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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