Budget Department

Budget Department

Ahmad Abdulghani, Director


The master budget is an effective tool that enables the University administration to coordinate the performance of faculties, deanships and administrative departments to achieve the University objectives that aim to impart top educational service to its students , make good use of advanced scientific curricula and graduate efficient cadres that can contribute to our country's development and progress.



The budget is the translation of the university detailed future plan in monetary terms . It is considered a short term budget that covers the University's plans for the coming year after getting the approval by the Budget Committee, the University council and Board of Trustees.



Main Tasks and Duties:

  • - Preparing the annual General Budget for the university.
  • - Revising financial appropriation requests submitted by all departments and faculties.
  • - Ensuring eliminating unnecessary duplications in programs and financing.
  • - Making sure that the appropriation requests conform to fiscal and economic policy.
  • - Reviewing all document accounts and financial entries of departments or faculties.
  • - Preparing a detailed statement of operation required for budget approval.
  • - Control and follow up execution of programs and projects included in the budget.
  • - Preparing financial performance evaluation reports.
  • - Monitoring and following up the execution of programs and projects included in the budget Regulations.
  • Prepare the final overall report about the achievements of the budget
Objectives and Tools:
They are a set of tools adopted by the University administration for the purpose of achieving its objectives. The most important tools and objectives are:-
  • Planning Tools : The budget is a written future plan that aims to solve problems before they occur through advanced planning.
  • Control Tools : It helps to control expected future costs.
  • Motivation Tools : It motivates employees to carry out the budget relevant to their activities and the financial allocations specified for them.
  • Monitoring Tool : This can be achieved through comparing planned performance with actual performance , pinpointing deviations and analyzing them to take the right measures.
  • Performance evaluation Tool : The levels of budget performance are considered an evaluation of the  University departments , people in charge and staff.
  • Coordination Tool :  To Coordination between the activates of the faculties, deanships and  administrative departments.


Budget preparation stages :

- Preparation.

- Approval.

- Implementation.

- Monitoring.

Estimated Budget Form for Faculties and Deanships

Estimated Budget Form for Administrative Departments

Master budget components:

The master budget consists of:

- Functional ( operational ) budgets of the  University units  which are connected to each other .

- Financial budgets : constitute the summary of the general framework of the subsidiary budgets of the faculties, deanships and administrative departments.


Budget chapters , sections and items :

The University budget consists of six main chapters, each one of them includes sections and items.

 Chapter 1 : Operational expenditures/ salaries , wages ….etc.

 Chapter 2 : Other operational expenditures.

 Chapter 3 : Scientific research , scholarships and symposiums.

 Chapter 4 : Capital expenditures.

 Chapter 5 : Accrued/ payable expenditures.

 Chapter 6 : Buildings, constructions and utilities.

 Revenue chapter: In addition


Budget Department staff:

- Ahmad Abd ul-Ghani : Director

- Nisreen Mansour : Secretary


Future Plan

The University administration follows a comprehensive future plan that aims to carry out a thorough estimation of the size of activities in the future and the size of expected revenues.

Accordingly it aims to  prepare well-planned future budgets that would meet the University needs to ensure that Philadelphia University will remain distinguished for its educational outputs and the quality of its graduates play a major role in the development of our country.    

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