Academic Staff Affairs

Department of Academic Staff Affairs

Department of Academic Staff Affairs


Prof. Munther Obaid, Director


Entrepreneurship and uniqueness in rendering service to the academic staff with the purpose of having a developed and distinguished university in teaching and research locally and regionally.


Attracting highly qualified academic staff members to meet the needs of the university faculties in line with accreditation standards, following up staff affairs, rendering best services and taking initiatives that aim at enhancing productivity and performance, maintaining job security, promoting team work and equal opportunities as per university regulations.
The Faculty Affairs Department provides services to University's faculty staffs in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable at the university, specifically. The Department mission includes:  

    - Keeping a file of faculty members containing evidence of their academic credentials, previous experiences and training courses if available.
    - Handling all personal affairs such as recruitment, promotions, transfers, secondments training, etc. Participation in preparing position distribution plans for all departments and identifying the annual needs of the university for administrative and service positions.
    - Organizing, overseeing and pursuing employees' attendance, absence, departures and leaves (annual, medical, emergency) and death.
    - Applying, pursuing and reviewing policies related to employees now and then.
    - Organizing and overseeing training courses for the university's employees aiming at raising their level of their performance.
    - Pursuing the Follow employees' social security and income tax affairs.
    - Implementing all staff related decisions issued by the president's office.
    - Pursuing certificates of release of members of staff who quit working for the University and terminating their records.

Future Perspective:

1-To upgrade the computerized employment applications system.
2-To track applications and dealings electronically with the ministries of Interior, Health and Labor with the aim of obtaining work permits and annual residence visas for non-Jordanian academic staff members.
3-To prepare a dossiers archive for new faculty members.
4-To improve the faculty affairs system in line with developments at the University.

No.   Name Occupation Credentials

Ez Aldeen Al Sukhni


M.A. Strategic and Scientific Management

Sawsan Jamal Al-Maslamani 


Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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