Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department

To ensure smooth and efficient operation of all university facilities and utilities, this Department carries out all executive, constructional, electrical, mechanical, sanitary works as well as all tasks pertinent to communications and road works. It also follows up maintenance  contracts with various companies.


In brief, the Department is responsible for the following:

  1. carrying out all power-connected tasks (installation and maintenance)
  2. providing Internet connections.
  3. providing telephone and fax services.
  4. monitoring, pumping, sterilizing, distributing water.
  5. installing and maintaining sanitary fixtures.
  6. monitoring and maintaining all sewage systems.
  7. doing all tasks involving carpentry, aluminum-molding, and blacksmithing.
  8. doing paint-work (in-house and pavements).
  9. plastering, tiling, and pavement-laying.
  10.  servicing, developing, and upgrading the university’s telephone exchange.
  11. negotiating contracts with maintenance companies and monitoring services carried out by such companies.
  12. coordinating and following up maintenance services regarding photocopying machines, water coolers, air conditioners, elevators, and various scientific apparatuses to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.
  13. responding to the numerous calls for immediate repairs throughout the campus.
  14. monitoring and maintaining the university’s stand-by generators to ensure that they are in perfect working condition in case of power failure.
  15. providing all necessary services (drinking water, telephones, and Internet connections) to classrooms and auditoriums where symposia and conferences may be held.
  16. monitoring and maintaining  all fire alarm systems.
  17. any other tasks required by the administration.

Staff Members

عبدالحكيم مقابلة

مدير الدائرة

رندا فواز القرعان

موظف إداري

علي عبد الفتاح ابو رشته

فني كهرباء

بسام احمد العمور

فني اتصالات وانترنت

خالد عدنان العمري

فني أدوات وتمديدات صحية

أحمد حرب الأجهر

مساعد فني تمديدات صحية و صرف صحي

علي محمود  الفاعوري

فني حدادة ونجارة

قتيبه عبد القادر عبد الله الزبن

فني نجارة

ياسر أمين  قاسم

فني دهان وطراشة

أيمن محمد سعيد ابو جبران

فني جلي بلاط

محمد موسى أبو غنيم


أيمن غالب  جابريه

موظف / مقسم

ليث نعيم الجبور

فني تكييف وتبريد

طارق الحياري

فني محطة التنقية

زيد القرعان


علي مثقال علي الرواشدة

فني تمديدات صحية وتدفئة

مشريف العمري

فني كهرباء

مجدي منير عويص

فني إنشاءات

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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