Graduate Studies

Professor Mohammad Baniyounis

Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Scientific research is considered a basic component of higher education institutions. In scientific research, the institution improves the quality of its inputs with regard to faculty members and students, by promoting the quality of its graduates, and upgrading its facilities. In basic scientific research, knowledge is enhanced and developed by faculty members who give it to students through advanced and emerging subjects. In applied scientific research, the university reflects the needs of the society and elevates it; moreover, it connects with the industry and business sectors, providing them with knowledge and acquire skills and practical applications from them.

Therefore, Philadelphia University has been alerted to this basic component of its operations and activities since its establishment. The Scientific Research Council was established in 1995 as is the regulations governing the work of the Deanship of Scientific Research as well as the guidelines governing the involvement of faculty members in the various fields of research were also established. Philadelphia University allocates at least 3% of its budget to support research activities, provide faculties and academic departments with the necessary equipment to support the research. The Deanship also facilitates the involvement of faculty members in national and international research fields and in community-based studies. The University shall not hesitate to approve financial support for any research project submitted by faculty members after conducting the regular evaluation. Opportunities for financial support of scientific research are also available from other areas such as the National Scientific Research Fund, the Schuman Foundation, Erasmus Plus and others. The University believes that the formation of research teams and the identification of areas of research focus at the University level, both within the disciplines and across them, would raise the level of scientific research and enhance the importance of its outputs.

In terms of graduate studies, the main purpose of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies is to introduce academic programs beyond the bachelor's degrees for those seeking qualifications, that would enable them to develop expertise in their professional fields. Also those aspiring to gain advanced knowledge and skills that enable them to join the academic community in the fields of education and scientific research. Furthermore, the graduate programs work to develop the educational process in the undergraduate programs, raise the level of contribution to knowledge at the University, and enhance the attractiveness of distinguished faculty and students, thus increasing the University's competitiveness and upgrading the quality of its graduates.

The Graduate Studies Council was established in 1995 and it was entrusted with the task of setting up the rules and regulations of the University's graduate programs, as well as providing advice to faculties and academic departments that are planning to introduce graduate programs at the University. In 2001, the University established the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies in preparation for the commencement of graduate programs. The University launched two master's programs in Computer Science (the Faculty of Information Technology) and English Language and Literature (Faculty of Arts) in 2005. In 2013, the University launched two other programs in Mechatronics (Faculty of Engineering and Technology), Arabic Language and Literature (Faculty of Arts). In 2017, the University launched two master's program in Accounting (Faculty of Business)  and in Business Law at the (Faculty of Law), and in the year 2021 the Higher Diploma in Education program was added, and at the beginning of the year 2023 the Pharmaceutical Sciences Program (Faculty of Pharmacy), the Genetics and Molecular Diagnostic Program (Faculty of Science), and the Masters in Business Administration Program (Faculty of Business) were added. The University is also working to strengthen the potential of a number of disciplines to expand its graduate base and host more master programs.

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