Security Department

Security Department


To implant the principle of comprehensive security for the university community, bolster the principle of dialogue on problems encountered by students, promote the feeling of engagement in dialogue workshops on combating university violence and whatever impedes the teaching and learning process at the university and create a safe university environment in the proper sense of the word.


Maintaining a high level of security and safety for individuals, safeguarding the university property and facilities, providing a university environment that is free of violence to ensure a smooth teaching and learning process, and contributing to achieving the university's aims and objectives.

Future Plan

Duties and Responsibilities:

The University Security Department is considered one of the most important departments and it has direct relationships with all staff and students. Its aim is maintaining public safety inside campus and protecting property and facilities. To achieve this, the Department undertakes the following responsibilities:

1.Cortroling visitor's entry to and exit from the university through issuing pass permits which state the visitor's name , the person who will be visited as well as the time of entry and exit .

2. Regulating the entry of visitors' vehicles and keeping the car license until the visitor's exit from the university.

3. Overseeing the process of employees and student's vehicles entry by issuing pass permit stickers which should be placed in a visible way on the vehicles glass.

4. Regulating mobile and walking security patrols to solve any problem that may arise at any moment.

5. Assigning immobile patrols at critical and main sites.

6. Intensive surveillance through cameras which cover most facilities at the university.

7. Regulating night guard patrols during formal working hours and holidays to safeguard university facilities.

8. Organizing security awareness sessions for the university security cadres on public safety, office security, document security, personal security, safeguarding mobile and immobile property.

9. Providing security men with wireless sets to solve any problem easily.

10. The Department has a bus that moves continuously to ensure safety of all facilities and solve any unexpected problem easily.

11. The Department has designated three security employees who carry out night inspection rounds of all company security employees and the university utilities.

Department Staff:

Assistant Director

Ahmed  Mohammad  al-Wazani

Security Employee

Saleh  Hassan  Jazi

Security Employee

Mahmoud  Shaker  ALawneh

Security Employee

Nabeel  Nayel  al-Zboun

Security Employee

Mohammad  Ali  al-Khawaldeh

Security Employee

Salem  Mohammad  al- Shatanawi

Security Employee

Attalla  Salem  Shdeifat

Security Employee

Ahmad  Saeed  Altal

Security Employee

Hussein  Mohammad  Budair

Security Employee

Ali  Oklah  al-Zboun

Security Employee

Raad Khaled  al -zboun

Security Employee

Zainab  Yousef  al-Kura'an


Future Prospects:

1. Enhancing university security's work and following up all new developments in this field.

2. Benefiting from the experience of university security departments at other universities.

3. Increasing the number of monitoring cameras at the university to cover all sites, courtyards and streets for the purpose of ensuring an effective and close monitoring of whatever happens inside the university.

4. Giving guidance lectures to security employees on how to deal with students and solve any problem peacefully.

5. Providing all necessary tools and adopting suitable measures to facilitate university security's work.

6. Organizing awareness sessions for university security cadres on public safety, security and property protection.

7. Cooperating with students to formulate special committees from students to assist the university security in their work and to decrease student's violence and university problems at every faculty at the university.

8. Enhancing and updating camera surveillance room and equipping it with modern screens to become more effective.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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