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Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Chairman: Dr. Rawan Abu Lail
Tel: +96264799000 Ext. 2541
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This program combines two major disciplines, data science and artificial intelligence. These days, they are considered interrelated sciences with intelligent systems, with the former focusing on statistical methods and the latter on intelligent algorithms.

The main objective of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program is to give students a first-class education so that they can develop their abilities and expertise. The theoretical and practical skills required in this subject will be emphasized in the educational plan. Starting with an introduction to data science, data engineering, data mining, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and many other relevant and cutting-edge topics, modern programming methodologies are used in all data science activities and applications. The plan aims to refine the graduates' experiences to keep pace with the labor market.

Artificial intelligence and data science jobs are among the most sought-after jobs in the 21st century. To ensure the success of the work of institutions in all areas of the economy, including health, education and culture, where the market need must be filled after in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is important to note that among the highest paying positions in the local, regional and international IT industry are those in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, there is a need for data scientists to focus on political and sports analytics as well as analysis of platform and social media data. To achieve this, algorithms and models can be created to analyze and construct data, and information can be extracted from them to analyze the past and present, and to predict the future.

The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program prepares students to work in a variety of industries by providing them with broad computer skills, data science skills, and intelligent analytics skills. These diverse positions range from those in the fields of e-commerce, commercial and industrial consulting, operations research, marketing and scientific research to those in the fields of technology, communications, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. The specialization allows the student to continue his education to obtain a doctorate and a master's degree in similar fields of study.

After completing 132 credit hours of required and elective coursework, the student is awarded a Bachelor's degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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