Facilities and Services

  • Information, Communication and Technology Services
    • The University provides the necessary infrastructure, services and resources for ICT services in its campus. From managing the Internet and Intranet of the University to providing computing resources to the various faculties, Computer Center also ensures the security and integrity of the systems used on campus. 
  • University Library
    • The University library system consists of one library at its campuses. It has a collection of books, serials, journals, etc. In addition to providing access to the internet, the library also has an access a number of online databases and electronic journals and e-books.  
  • Banking and Postal Services
    • The University has one banking service and one post office on campus which provides banking and postal facilities and service to students and staff on campus. The bank is the Cairo Amman Bank. 
  • Food Court and Cafeterias
    • The University has three cafeterias which cater for food and drink services, in addition to a restaurant for working personnel. They are also used as training facilities for students specializing in hotel management and tourism. 
  • Transportation 
  • Sport Complex  
  • Security
    • Campus safety and security are as important to the University as the academic excellence of its students. With services such as safety patrols, traffic control, security posts, vehicle registration as well supervising the distribution of Campus Security Passes.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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