Program Objectives

Program Objectives for Master of Computer Science

The following objectives are to be met by students obtaining a MSc degree in Computer Science. Students, upon graduation will:

PO1: Students will be able to demonstrate a broad knowledge of Computer Science which includes data structures, operating systems, computer programming skills, computer organization, algorithm design, and automata theory.

PO2: Students will gain a substantial knowledge of one of the following Computer Science specialties: Database, Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, and Software Engineering.

PO3: Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize, design and implement efficient software solutions to problems.

PO4: Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of professional ethics and responsible behavior.

PO5: Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and to work as  a team.

PO6: Students will become successful professionals able to gain Employment and/or to be accepted into a Computer Science Ph.D. program.

Program  Objectives and Program (Intended)  Learning Outcomes

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