Program Benchmarks

Program Benchmarks for Department of Arabic Language and Literature


 A graduate of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Philadelphia University, is expected to have acquired the following abilities and skills:

    In language:
    A graduate is expected to have mastered the essentials of syntax, morphology and phonology, including their application; to have a passable knowledge of modern linguistics, including its application to Arabic.
    In the domain of research, resources, and references:
    To have a reasonable background in the major resources of literature, language, rhetoric, and criticism; and to have the ability to use those resources in his/her study of Arabic.
    In the area of writing:
    A graduate is expected to write about various topics in error-free Arabic, to have the ability to correct errors in the writings of others, which includes the skills of editing and proofreading. This also calls for his/her knowledge of the rules of spelling, punctuation, and correction of common errors.
    In the area of verbal skill:
    A graduate is expected to pronounce Arabic correctly and effectively; to have the ability to participate in dialogue with error-free Arabic, expressing well his/her ideas, attitudes and opinions.
    In the area of literature and criticism:
    A graduate is expected to have a fairly deep acquaintance of the features of traditional and modern Arabic literature, in both its prose and verse forms; to be familiar with its major figures and phenomena; to be aware of the major issues in criticism, past and present; to have some knowledge of modern critical movements, and their impact on the interpretation and analysis of texts.
    In the area of Arabic rhetoric:
    A graduate should have a background in the principles of rhetoric as displayed in efficient expression, diction and imagery, which make up for fine writing. A graduate is also expected to be acquainted with rhetorical methods, and to be able to use them for improving his/her skills in writing, criticism, and analysis.
    In the area of verse rhythm:
    A graduate is expected to know the verse meters and the different feet of Arabic poetry, to have mastered the skill of scansion, and to discover errors in scansion. At the same time he/she must be aware of the rhythm of modern Arabic verse.

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