Students Outcomes

Students Outcomes


Statement of Intended Learning Outcomes for the Program.

Completing the program successfully, students will be able to


  1. Write well-developed paragraphs, essays, summaries, and reports using appropriate vocabulary, organizational structure, and style.
  2. Locate, abstract, synthesize, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources and genres, which they need for life- long learning.
  3. Know and understand the different approaches to the scientific study and analysis of English, including the major schools of linguistics.
  4. Know, understand, and use a wide range of specialized linguistic and literary   terms.
  5. Demonstrate adequate knowledge of major works and movements in English        literature.
  6. Know and understand some of the different approaches to the study of literature.
  7. Know and understand how the social, economic, cultural and political contexts affect literature.
  8. Read, comprehend, and critique a variety of college-level texts in language, Linguistics, and literature.
  9. Apply critical thinking in responding to such texts.
  10. Summarize such texts in their own language.         
  11. Listen to lectures, documentaries, news bulletins, and other recorded   material with profit and understanding.
  12. Take adequate, well-organized notes on oral and written texts and make   well- organized presentations.
  13. Speak fairly fluently on topics within their experience and knowledge.
  14. Pronounce English words accurately and produce the proper kind  of sentence intonation.
  15. Write well-developed, cogently argued essays in relatively error-free   English.
  16. Translate non-technical texts from and into English with a fair command of   the idioms in the target language.
  17. Do academic research in accordance with standard research methodology in their graduation projects in which they follow the standard   processes of data-collecting, argumentation, and documentation.

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