Functions and Duties

Functions and duties of the Deanship of Quality Assurance


 Quality assurance of the University processes is conducted through several active councils and committees at the level of the University such as Plan and Quality Committee which is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Recruitment and Promotion Committee, Scholarships Committee, Non-Academic Staff Appointment Committee, and General and Special Accreditation Committee. In addition, there are many councils that monitor quality assurance of the University processes such as the Council of Deans, the Council of Academic Research, the Council of Graduate Studies, and the Council of Academic Training and Development Center.

The Deanship of Accreditation and Quality Assurance conducts SWOT for all University processes through special questionnaires prepared for this purpose to survey opinions of the faculty members, students, graduating students, alumni and employers, and it carries out the analysis for questionnaires. In an attempt to develop its educational programs and enhance its Learning outcomes, Philadelphia University submitted a self- evaluation study to the Higher Education Accreditation Commission in June 2011 as a pre-requisite for applying for Quality Assurance Certificate.

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