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Quality Assurance at Philadelphia University


 Implementation of quality assurance at Philadelphia University according to the local and international standards has started since 2003 when the University established its Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office. It worth’s mentioning that the University emphasizes quality assurance throughout an on- going evaluation processes by the several academic units at the University such asAccreditation and Quality Assurance Office, Plan and Quality Committee, Vice President for Academic affairs, academic departments and faculties, the office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Recruitment and Promotion Committee, and various committees especially curriculum committees, exam committees, scientific committees…. etc. in academic department, and faculties.  

The University specified a series of unified measures for its quality management in, and set the basic structure to ensure the implementation of these processes (as shown in the chart below). This series of measures is implemented at the University by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office, at the level of Faculties and Departments by  the Quality Assurance Committees through  setting specified tasks in the Weekly Agenda of the academic activities in the unit.

General measures for quality assurance


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