Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Department of Physiotherapy

Program intended learning outcomes (ILOs):

Knowledge (KP)

KP1 Demonstrate profound and contemporary knowledge in basic, clinical, medical, and psychosocial sciences relevant to the practice of physical therapy.

KP2 Integrate knowledge and skills gained in basic, clinical, medical, and behavioral sciences and apply them into patient care.

KP3 Develop individualized appropriate plan of care based on information collected and assessment performed for each patient/ client.

KP4 Use critical thinking, self-reflection, and evidence-based practice to make effective clinical decisions about patient/ client care.



SP1 Develop critical analysis and decision-making skills and ability to integrate basic and clinical knowledge within an evidence-based framework.

SP2 Demonstrate effective clinical, interpersonal and communication skills in examination, treatment plan development and management of various conditions across the life span in the field of physical therapy.

SP3 Adhere to legal, ethical, and safe physical therapy practice that respects human dignity, culture, and diversity within a global society.



CP1 Demonstrate competent entry-level skills and abilities to critically reason in terms of screening, evaluation, re-evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and development of a plan of care for clients and patients seeking physical therapy services.

CP2 Demonstrate competence in accessing, appraising, and implementing evidenced-based literature to enhance physical therapy care delivery.

CP3 Conduct and disseminate original research

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