Vision, mission and objectives

Distinguishing in mechanical engineering education, learning and scientific research in accordance with locally and internationally adopted standards and building bridges with the local community.



  • Teaching, learning and training by providing a suitable environment for students.
  • Developing study plans based on the fundamentals of mathematics, basics and engineering sciences and developing engineering skills according to the standards adopted locally and internationally.
  • Upgrading scientific research and enhancing the skills of leadership, creativity, innovation and continuing education.
  • Developing the relationship with the local community.


  • In few years after graduation from Mechanical Engineering Program, our graduates will be able to:

    1. Apply their engineering practice skills outside of the classroom, allowing them to excel as engineers in industry, community, graduate or professional studies, and lifetime learning.
    2. Contribute to engineering system design, manufacture, implementation, and management.
    3. As a leader or team member, effectively convey ideas and solutions while acknowledging environmental, sociological, economic, and ethical challenges that may arise in a variety of work environments.


Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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