Computer Center Achievements  

The Computer Center has developed the following systems:

  • Online Examination System
  • Online Placement Test System
  • Phonebook System
  • Graduates' Evaluation of Courses and Faculty Members Performance
  • Evaluation of Courses and Faculty Members Performance System
  • System of Warehouse Management, General Supplies and Buses

Warehouse and Storage Equipment System
This System organizes the work of stores: storage and goods.
Salary Structure System:
This system controls salaries at the Finance Department, issuing reports and required statistics and using the internet to send salary reports to the bank.

Personnel Affairs System:

This System organizes the files of the employees at the University.

Transportation System:
        This system controls the daily movement of the buses and prepares reports and statistics for the Transportation Department.

Graduates System:

This system stores graduates’ information and issues reports and statistics to follow up with University graduates.

Clinic Management System:

The Center is responsible for building and developing the system of the clinic.

Balance Sheet System:
The Center is responsible for designing and developing the Balance Sheet System.

University Cards System.

Academic Advising System.

 Improving University Website and other Electronic Services System

Computer Center Maintenance System

Students' Achievements System.

International Students System.

 Employee Attendance Tracker System


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