Staff Members

Staff Members of Computer Center

Mr. Adnan Yahya
Mr. Adnan Yahya

The Director

Assistant Director
Mr. Ahmad Jarwan Mr. Ahmad Jarwan
Web Site Coordinator
Mr. Ahmad Al Jayousi

Mr. Ahmad Al Jayousi

Miss. Sanaa' Al Baset Miss. Sanaa' Al Baset
Networking and Technical Support
Mr. Montaser Dana Mr. Montaser Dana
Mr. Nihad Al-Atabeh Mr. Nihad Al-Atabeh
Mr. Mohammed Abu Jaish Mr. Mohammed Abu Jaish
Mr. Osama Shahin Mr. Osama Shahin
Mr. Mohammed Al-Tawaheh Mr. Mohammed Al-Tawaheh
Mr. Islam Al-Sourani Mr. Islam Al-Sourani
Miss. Deema Al-Saleh Miss. Deema Al-Saleh
Mrs. Kifaya Al Shalabi Mrs. Kifaya Al Shalabi
Miss. Rand Khalil Abed

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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