Vision, Mission and Values

Vision & Mission of Computer Center



Providing and developing computer services in terms of information and communication, in compliance with the requirements of technicality, modern technology and modernization.




Providing outstanding technological and electronic services which aim to improve education, scientific research and community service.


Primary Values of the Strategic Plan

Equity: Fair treatment and complete respect of all individuals’ dignity, value and legitimate freedom.

Transparency: Transactions are operated at the Computer Center clearly and openly in order to provide students, personnel and academic staff members with the best service possible.

Integrity: Complete commitment to moralities and professional ethics, within a framework of reliability, honesty and sincerity.

Belonging: A high sense of responsibility and strong feelings of faithfulness towards the University, society and our homeland.

Cooperation: Showing team-work among the Computer Center’s staff members while rendering services to University students and personnel.


Creativity: Accepting, encouraging and nurturing creative ideas and innovative solutions in the spheres of education, learning and research.


Professionalism: The ability to demonstrate knowledge, skill and competence in a specific field of specialization.



University Strategic Objectives in Accordance with Philadelphia University Strategic Plan (2018-2022).


Strategic Objective (1): Ensuring efficient governance that meets the requirements of the University.


Strategic Objective Two (2): Improving and promoting teaching-learning processes.


Strategic Objective (3): Encouraging research, enhancing and marketing research results and stimulating people to take innovative initiatives.


Strategic Objective (4): Enhancing the professional competence of the University academic staff members and personnel. 


Strategic Objective (5): Providing and preserving a learning-oriented infrastructure in addition to ensuring financial sufficiency and stability.


Strategic Objective (6): Attracting students, motivating them and preserving their presence, in addition to promoting services provided to them.


Strategic Objective (7): Being involved in activities that develop the society and enrich experience at the University.


Strategic Objective (8): Enhancing the University’s competitiveness, improving its image and ensuring the quality of its operations.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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