Mission of Academic and Administrative Development and Training Center

  1. Studying and determining the training needs of faculty members and the administration at the university in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities inside and outside the university.
  2. Preparing special training programs with the various training bodies and submitting them to the university's competent authorities for approval.
  3. Develop a proposal for the necessary training program plans and their controls to provide opportunities and training for the university's employees in various fields in light of the regulations and regulations related to this matter, and in light of the actual training needs, and to submit them to the higher management of the university and coordinate with all bodies concerned with training inside and outside the university within the limits of their tasks.
  4. Supervising and following up on the implementation of training plans and programs after the competent authority approves.
  5. Approving the nomination of employees for training programs and providing the higher management of the university with periodic reports on employee training.
  6. Continuous evaluation of the implemented programs and measurement and analysis of learning outcomes of knowledge in line with the declared objectives of the Center.
  7. Studying the bylaws and regulations related to job performance management and submitting recommendations for approval to the higher management of the university.
  8. Simplifying work procedures at the university, designing and developing the forms used, and preparing and updating procedures related to the Center's work.
  9. Follow up and evaluate the performance of the Center's employees and lecturers and prepare reports in this regard and submit them to the concerned authorities.
  10. Establishing an information system through which all information that helps the Center perform its tasks is collected, classified, and saved.
  11. Preparing the Center's annual budget draft and submitting it to the university's senior management.
  12. Preparing an annual report on the Center's achievements and submitting it to the higher authorities of the university.
  13. Any other tasks assigned to the Center within its field of competence.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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