Center Instructions and Objectives

The Language Centre aims to realize qualitative development in the programs it offers as well as in the methods and means of teaching. Of equal concern to the Centre is expanding its services to cover the University's community: students and employees alike. This is deemed attainable through:


  • Strengthening relationships with local and international cultural and research centers and embassies
  • Annual review of the current programs as regards content and variety so that they meet new developments in the different academic departments' plans and programs
  • Upgrading the courses the Centre offers so that the textbooks used can furnish the students with the most up-to- date reading topics , activities, language exercises, and the best methods for dealing with them
  • Studying the feasibility of offering other languages beside English, French, Italian, and Hebrew which the Centre offers.
  • Giving due attention to teaching Arabic as a foreign language in response to the increasing interest in learning it in non- Arab countries, especially in the USA and Europe. The Centre will cooperate in this field with the Department of Arabic to produce joint programs and design relevant teaching material.
  • Recruiting qualified and experienced instructors
  • Carrying on with the plans for enhancing the instructors' teaching experience via holding seminars and workshops that enable the staff to familiarize themselves with the experience and expertise of staff from outside the University, preferably native speakers of English, French, and Italian;
    Holding an annual seminar that invites participation from other language centers in Jordanian universities on topics of relevant concern to exchange experience on how best to develop language teaching programs
  • Encouraging the instructors to conduct research within the field of language teaching, whether theoretical or experimental, and providing incentives to motivate them to get involved in research projects
  • Increasing the areas of cooperation and joint planning with the different academic departments at the University as regards the most effective ways of serving their students
  • Establishing ties with educational and cultural institutions that can provide educational aid and consultation in the field of teaching, e.g. The British Council , the American Centre, the French Cultural Centre , the Italian Cultural Centre
  • Supplementing the teaching material for each language course with e-learning programs accessible to the students. The aim is to create every possible opportunity for the students to maintain contact with the languages concerned
  • Securing the most up-to-date electronic language teaching programs that student can have access to in the language labs available at the Center. This is attainable through familiarizing the students with certain web sites that deal with teaching English as a foreign language, e.g. www.englishtown.com
    Seminars, workshops, and curricula
  • Supporting the plans for holding seminars and workshops that deal with ways and means of improving the process of teaching and learning
  • Holding a seminar on designing language tests that aims to evaluate the students' achievements. The seminar will review some of the exams previously used with a view to evaluating them and suggesting ways for improving them. The seminar will look into the tests already given and will suggest ways of improving them in terms of coverage, variety of question types, and the suitability of the on-line tests
  • Holding a seminar for evaluating the textbooks and the teaching materials being used. The seminar will also provide training on how to design supplementary material to complement the textbooks
  • Holding a seminar on how to enhance the instructors' as well as the students' speaking skills, as this is an area which enjoys little attention in the present textbooks and study plans.

Communication Aims

Communication and keeping close ties with the University's community:The Centre aims to establish stronger communication ties with the University's community through:

  • Discussing with the heads of the academic departments on what they deem more relevant and necessary to their students as regards the English programs the Centre offers
  • Offering language courses (mainly English) to the administrative staff who need to have a better command of English.

The Study Plan

The Language Centre aims to develop the study plan of the courses it offers as University required courses. One way, as the Centre sees it , is by enhancing cooperation with the deans of the University faculties about the most efficient ways for utilizing time, effort, and experience in meeting mutual interests.

  • Abiding by Accreditation and Quality Assurance Norms
    The Language Centre will carry on with observing the Accreditation and Quality Assurance norms:
    Reviewing its plans and curricula periodically
  • Distributing the study plan and curricula to the students at the beginning of each semester so that the students are informed of what to cover each semester, the dates of progress tests , the material to be covered for each exam , the distribution of marks in each exam , etc;
    Securing the right number of qualified instructors 
  • Abiding by the ratio of (1:30) ( one instructor for 30 students) and making sure that the maximum number of students in each section does not exceed (30)
  • Evaluating the instructors' performance each semester and informing them of the students' judgments of their teaching ability and experience.

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