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Seminars and Workshops at Faculty of IT



Using the SRM Sub-Profile for MUSCLE Simulation Platform Modeling.

A Bio-inspired UML Class Diagram Variability Modelling.

A Multi-destinations Trip Planner Protocol for Intelligent Transport System.

A new WiMAX uplink scheduling algorithm for multi-rate fairness among.

A Bio-inspired UML Use Case Variability Modelling.

Self-Adaptive Software to unpredicted events.

Path planning in Nonholonomic System using Hybridization of  Voronoi and Q-Learning Algorithms.

A Methodology For Software Feature-Based Reverse Engineering.

Path Planning in Nonholonomic System using Hybridization of Voronoi and Q-Learning Algorithms

A Framework for the Arabic ontologies Matching.

Feature-based Variability Modeling in Databases.

From UML/MARTE Component Based Specifications to CSP-OZ Specifications.

SPAM detection using enhanced associative classification.

Using NLP for Semi Automated Class Diagram Generation form Arabic Text.

An Approach for Web Services Selection Bases on Functional.

Enhanced WSDL-based Data Perturbation Testing for Web Services.

Extending Web Services Dataypes Specification for Different Development Platforms.

WSDL- based approach to test Web Services Reliability.

A Hybrid Technique For Image Steganography Based on A LSB Method and Discrete  wavelet Transform.

4+1 View model of soft. Architecture For software-intensive distributed systems.

Bio-inspired systems philosophy.

Data Analysis: Using Support vector machine in DB Analysis

Bio-inspired System: an integrated model.

Ontology-Driven Question Answering and Ontology Quality Engineering

Fractal Based Fragile WaterMark

Association Classification in Text Categorization

Clustering and Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Using Input Compatibility to Reduce Cost for BIST

Ontology Alignment Mechanisms for Improving Web-Based Searching

Data Mining techniques for E-Banking Phishing

Non Interfering Software Architecture Integration

Web Services Testing

"E-business Value Creation: An Investigation on e-banking in Jordanian Banking Services Industry"

Research Project Proposal

An Object-Z/ CSP Based Approach for the Specification of Architectural Connectors

A Data Mining Approach for Categorizing Web Documents

A general framework for Bio-inspired systems

Data Mining and E-banking Security

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